Bayon Technologies Group continues to provide vetted IT support during the pandemic and is classified as an essential business by Homeland Security.  We are offering live phone and remote support with on-site deployment only for emergency critical system down situations affecting multiple users.

A message from Bayon Technologies Group during Covid-19 Outbreak

A Public Service Offer To My Fellow South Florida Business Owners And Managers Coping With Covid-19

As a business member of the South Florida community, I wanted to take this time to extend some assistance to my fellow business owners and managers.

A few months ago when we learned of the seriousness of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), as the proactive partner we are, we started the process of ensuring all our managed clients would have the possibility of working from home.

As a public service we are offering to help South Florida based businesses get their employees working from home, securely.  In most cases we can perform this setup remotely and with no requirement for anyone to come onsite.  Our team is dedicated to the continuity and security of all businesses.  Our process will not require any onsite equipment in order to expedite these connections.  If, based on the current corporate environment, equipment is needed we will assist in procuring and configuring it for your users.

  • We are extending our remote access toolset at no charge until the end of May (might be extended) to any company not yet setup to work from home.  This allows someone to use their own home computer and remotely connect to their office computer.  We may charge a very small, highly discounted setup fee, but it’s well worth it if your staff can continue to work from home.  We will try our best to keep it at no cost.   Most of the time we can have all this setup with your assistance in less than a few hours.
  • In addition, we will extend our cyber security stack FREE to those home users that are using their home computers so that they don’t risk compromising your corporate networks while working from home.
  • For those users without a desktop and who are using company owned laptops we will assist in configuring any necessary remote connections to safely and securely connect to the corporate network.
  • If your office has a simple setup, we will extend this at no cost provided the setup takes less than 3 hours to set up.  Some slightly more complicated setups may have a small charge to offset our costs.

Free Mailing list to distribute @ no charge, cyber security training - available to ANY business throughout South Florida.

We are in the process of setting up a mailing list to keep everyone up to date on how to work safely and securely from home.   Criminals will and in some cases already have taken advantage of the situation by trying to gain access to corporate networks through the less security home setups most of us have at home.

Note: This list will only be use for this purpose, and no one will get spammed.  We hate spam as much as you do.

To take advantage of the any of the above offers, please email me directly:

I wish nothing but health and safety to all of you during these trying times.  We are here for you and believe this is a good reminder of the importance of working together as family, neighbors, and community as a whole.

Some additional resources we would like to provide:

Demystifying CARES Act:

Ami Kassar is holding a DAILY webinar at 12 noon EST to help you flesh out what the stimulus package means for small businesses. You'll want to jump on this webinar when you see changes coming down so you can hear in plain-speak what to expect.

In this one-hour interactive session you will learn:

  • SBA emergency loan status - after CARES Act approval
    · Existing SBA program initiatives - after CARES Act approval
    · Importance of filing 2019 returns
    · Do you have liquidity you can leverage?
    · Calculating Operating Expenses (6 month burn rate)
    · Online loans to watch out for and stay away from

Sign up for the webinar here:

Zoom Webinar:  and  Password: 423895

Remote Collaboration Tools

Zoom Video Conferencing –

A few security tips:

  1. Have all attendees land in the lobby FIRST then you pull each into the room.
  2. Turn off any automated features upon connecting like the camera on or mic on.
  3. Create a welcome statement upon launching a meeting stating video conference systems are inherently insecure and not a source to discuss confidential information. If you routinely discuss confidential information, you can use a product like Crankwheel
  4. If you record every meeting by default, as we do, consider notifying attendees of this fact in your opening text pop-up.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, enable end to end encryption for video calls. This is a feature you have to enable and is only available to paying accounts

Microsoft Teams

Available to anyone with Office365 licensing at the Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1/E2 or E3 Levels.   Teams allows you to chat, share screens, video conference, make calls and share files.  We use it heavily at Bayon to communicate with our team.

ASK about 6 free months of E1 licensing to take advantage of this tool –

Free Microsoft TEAMS Training

Bigger Brains has moved their Teams training over to YouTube as a resource for companies who need to learn collaboration in a hurry.

SLACK Instant Messaging

If you don’t have O365 SLACK is a great alternative to communicate with your team.

Working From Home - Cyber Security Updates During Covid-19

As a public service to all South Florida businesses, throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, Bayon Technologies will be sending out regular updates, videos, how-to's, and security advise on how to safely work from home. If you would like to subscribe to this mailing list please fill in the form below.

We promise to NEVER mail this list for any other reason that stated above.  We hate spam just as much as you do.

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