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5 Reasons Why South Florida Businesses Choose Bayon Technologies Group


We are Security Experts

All our networks are built with security in mind – this is not an option with the proliferation of cyber threats. We have security analysts on our team with extensive experience in the public (Military/NSA) and private sectors.


We are part of your Team

We value the relationship with our clients. We understand you don’t have time to worry about technology and sometimes may not be properly educated by a vendor. We act as your IT department which includes managing vendor relationships. We are partners with Microsoft, Dell, HP, WatchGuard, Amazon Web Services and others. We also assist in managing your telephone, MFP, web design and other vendors you may be involved with to ensure you’re receiving the best options and service.


No Contracts

We like them less than you do and are truly month-to-month. We want to earn your business every day.


We Guarantee Productivity

Our job is to ensure your employees are productive throughout their work day. We encourage requests for assistance regularly to ensure that little issue does not become a serious debilitating problem for the user or network as a whole.


We are Always Available

We answer our phones live – always – to ensure we can start working on or schedule your support request immediately. After hours issues? You’ll always have access to our staff even on weekends to ensure minimal impact to your bottom line.


Bayon Technologies Group: trusted computer support for businesses throughout South Florida – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with security and compliance issues, or maybe you need an IT company on call during the evening and weekends (when you have deadlines to hit). Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with Bayon Technologies’ managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.

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See what other South Florida Businesses are saying

about us...

  • The right team for your CPA firm

    BTG understands our industry and profession. They know we work in a high stress environment where time is money. Their ability to keep our systems operational and secure allows us to focus on our clients and work around the clock when those deadlines approach. When something occurs their immediate response is something we have never experienced from any other provider.

    Carlos Ramirez, CPA

    Partner, Bohlmann Accounting Group
  • Undeniable professionalism and commitment

    BTG's response time has always exhibited their commitment to the profession and their clients. Their knowledge and expertise has allowed them to serve a diversified clientele with success and that has made a huge difference to us. The various projects and their business continuity service ensured we always had access to our data. We know that we'll be able to service our clients no matter what catastrophe may happen.

    Armando Vizcaino, CPA

    Senior Audit Partner, Vizcaino & Zomerfeld
  • Immediate response regardless of the time

    As a CPA we rely on our systems 24/7 and can't afford a system outage. BTG's fast response time and intimate knowledge ensures our downtime is limited. They are a great group of people and know how to handle any issues that they come across. Thanks to BTG's infrastructure set up, our staff can count on their computers working, and we've never lost a single piece of data.

    Michael Diaz, CPA

    Partner, Sach Diaz & Diaz
  • Increased and consistent Sales possible thanks to BTG

    Bayon Technologies Group is consistent and readily available. Since switching to them years ago we have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism, reliability, and personal attention we receive. Having them on retainer is invaluable since they keep our Network, Internet and phones up 100% of the time. If you don't have an IT professional on staff you simply must have BTG on your team. If you do have IT on staff you must have BTG as an additional resource. For us, their quick response time and real solutions help increase our sales year round.

    Seth Fine

    CEO / Designer,
  • Reliable and Responsive

    BTG helped transition us to the cloud for our web applications and made it easy. The security and reliability of our network allows us to sleep at night. The trust, reliability and response time is second to none. We are 100% satisfied with the decision we made to use BTG as our IT partner. If someone was on the fence about choosing BTG we just have to say they are the best in the business.

    Stephen Wechsler

    Chief Operating Officer, Emergency Excellence

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