Microsoft Teams just got an incredible feature that leaves it’s number one competitor Zoom far behind.

Published September 3rd, 2020 by Bayon Technologies Group

Microsoft just rolled out a new feature that will allow all of your Rooms devices to be synced all together. Pretty neat huh?

If you own or work for a business that uses Microsoft Teams Rooms devices and Surface Hub you are in for a treat. They are basically boosting up their new video conferencing feature called Coordinated Meetings. This magnificent feature will allow everything from your wireless headset to your smart conferencing hub to join a meeting on one single device and have all compatible devices get connected as well.

The main purpose of this feature is to provide the ultimate meeting experience, for example, you can have the audio be transmitted from one device and the video from another. This alone will help in preventing audio feedback or other not so pleasant distractions; that’s something that you certainly cannot do with Zoom.

There are two ways to get your devices synced up, one will be setting up a Coordinated Meetings on a Teams Rooms touchscreen or you could set up a whole suite of devices on a central location using an XML configuration file, this option might be optimal for IT departments.

Even though this incredible feature is very business-oriented, people working from home and other users joining from remote destinations can benefit from it. The ultimate goal is to have a refined meeting set up that will accommodate every user’s needs and will prevent unwanted nuisances such as someone sitting a little too close during a video.

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